TLC Transformational Education®

TLC’s Transformational Education® model is derived from the theory of transformational leadership, which has a very strong research base in social sciences and in education particularly.

TLC’s work over the past decade has taken transformational leadership principles and applied it to the K12 context in order to understand its potential as a transformational tool within the context of the classroom, namely in the organizational learning exchanges between the teachers and their students. In this model teachers are positioned as leaders and student voice is central.

The TLC Transformational Education® model illustrates a holistic, reciprocal relationship between teacher behaviors and student outcomes, as moderated by school climate variables and mediated by student self-efficacy, school connectedness, and socioemotional wellbeing.

The model posits that teacher behaviors, rooted in the aforementioned core values, leads to increased student connectedness, self-efficacy, and socioemotional well-being, which in turn leads to academic performance, engagement, and prosocial behaviors. Furthermore, the relationship between these teacher behaviors and student outcomes is strengthened by a school culture of support, kindness, and aesthetic guidance.


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